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In Zmacs in System 99.27, CADR 4.2, Experimental ZMail 54.4,
MIT-Specific 23.0, Experimental Macsyma 6.1, microcode 320, GC@2,
on Lisp Machine Nine:

It gets confused about what files are associated with which buffers when I do simple
things like write the buffer out to a different file from what I read in.

I read in a file from OZ using meta-dot, mutated it and wrote it out to MC
under a different name.  I used meta-dot again to get a fresh copy for
comparison, and it merely went to the buffer visiting the file on MC.


PS: Once (a month or so ago) I used m-X rename file and it offered to rename
the corresponding buffer as well (I just tried it now again, no such offer)
but although it looked like the buffer was renamed, sometimes that buffer
still thought it belonged with the old original file name.  Since I can't
reproduce this anymore, I suppose there's no need for a fix.  It sure seemed
like a nice touch, had it only worked right.