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Edit System

    Date: Wed, 1 Apr 87 23:58 EST
    From: Carl R. Manning <CarlManning@OZ.AI.MIT.EDU>

    In Symbolics 3600 Editor in Genera 7.0G1, IP-TCP 52.0, NFS 1.6,
    7-0-Patches 1.33, MAC 8.2, Fortran 6.3, Pascal 25.3, Prolog 17.0,
    Experimental X-Window-System 17.2, Experimental Project Tanglewood 4.0,
    Experimental Apiary: The Actor Computing System 13.0,
    Experimental Acore: An Actor Core Language 6.1,
    Experimental The Common Library 3.1,
    Experimental Traveler: The Apiary Observatory 10.0,
    microcode 3600-IFU-MIC 394, FEP 127, FEP0:>v127-lisp.flod(44),
    FEP0:>v127-loaders.flod(44), FEP0:>v127-debug.flod(31),
    FEP0:>v127-info.flod(44), Apiary World: 25 March 1987, on Lisp Machine Apiary-6:

    m-X Edit System barfs on non-text files (e.g. .bfd files, data files),
    so it doesn't work on system which contain these.

    Fortunately, the command processor's :Edit System command knows not to
    try to load these files into the editor.

    It'd be nice if the Zmacs command was as smart.

This turned out still to be true in the development system.  So we fixed
it just now.  Thanks for the report.