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If anybody is feeling ambitious, I think the following two ideas would
make DIRED a much more useful tool.

(1) Make it very easy to request alternative directory listings from
the DIR device, such as CDATE DOWN in particular.  I know there is some random
variable now that you can set, but that is a lousy user interface and I can
never remember the name of the variable.

(2) Have some way to operate in two window mode, in which the E command (Examine)
reads the file into a buffer being displayed in the lower window, or elsejust
have it type out the first screensize/2 lines in the bottom window.  It
is very annoying now that it takes so long, after you have sen the file and
been remineded what the file is, to get back to the display of
the directory.

I think the benefit per cost of these features would be relatively