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    RMS@MIT-AI 04/09/80 05:23:30
    Now I hear that the new window system won't be released for a month.
    It's safe to assume that it will be delayed past that since
    all software timetables underestimate.
    So the OWS version of ZWEI should get all the bug fixes.
You are quite mistaken about the timetable.  I would estimate more than a week
of solid work to merge in what represents over four months of pretty solid
hacking: it should be quite obvious that this is impractical.  It would be
throwaway; and would even further delay the documentation of the nws.  Many of
the data structures have been changed to accomodate bug fixes.  Far and above
the most serious bugs in the ows version are in the window system interface,
which cannot be improved upon.  The most serious bugs that i am aware of have
already been fixed of course in both versions.