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I would like to propose a change to the Zwei command Evaluate Defun (ctl-top-E) so
that it would not print out the value if the form being evaluated was indeed a defun
(or other DEF-thing), on the assumption that all these things evaluate to their
names.  I am continually irritated by the fact that while I can compile a function
without trouble, I can't evaluate one without causing a time-consuming halt and
screen redisplay.  I am willing to put up with this when I evaluate a non-DEF form,
but in the normal case it is a loss. 

P.S. I would make my own macro to do this, but it looks like the only way to make
this change (without having my own versions of several other editor functions) is to
make a slight modification to ZWEI:COMPILE-INTERVAL so that COMPILE-P takes another
flag value which indicates just evaluation, and not printing.