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    Date: Mon ,12 Jun 79 15:00:38 EDT
    From: rms at MIT-AI
    To:   (BUG ZWEI)

    1) doesn't work; its attempt to test whether the minibuffer window is selected
    always says that it is.  This is why it is impossible to use the mouse
    to reselect the minibuffer window with mouse-right, the normal command for
    reselecting a window.
you misunderstand the test, which is not for the mini-buffer being "selected", which it
always is if it on the screen, but for being under the mouse.  this is how mouse-left
manages to work to mark a region in the main window to move down into the mini-buffer
    2) obscures a useful command.  It should be possible to use the mouse to move
    point inside the minibuffer.  Maybe this function should be on a different key
    and then might not have to ask which window was selected.
i will move it onto mouse-left-double, since this isnt a very useful operation in the
mini-buffer.  i believe it is important to have a mouse command to terminate the mini-buffer