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CADR3, system 8.3:  It never rains, it pours!

1) Quitting out of ^XM just left me with no selected window.
I was able to reselect the regular zmacs window with the mouse.

2) There seems to be no way to resume a ^XM which was quit out of.

3) Linefeed doesn't expand word abbrevs.  It should, since it should
be equivalent to Return Tab.

4) There are no word abbrevs inside a Query Replace minibuffer.
There are no word abbrevs inside ^XM.
Both of these ought to have them.
There may be some minibuffers which shouldn't, but these should.

5) There is no C-X  command, so there is no way to resume a Query Replace
which was exited.  Such a command ought to remember every M-X command
and every Query Replace and a few other things.

6) The mouse has strange interactions with minibuffers.
I was in the second minibuffer of a Query Replace when I decided that I
wanted it to start from a different place in the buffer.  Since I couldn't just
exit and resume it as I would in EMACS, I selected the desired spot in the
main buffer with the mouse, then went back into the minibuffer with the mouse
to tell it to go ahead.  When I did so, it went ahead so fast as to change
all the occurrences without querying me.

7) C-V when the end of the buffer is inside the window leaves an empty window.
It ought to refuse to do anything.

8) When a string which starts with a CR and doesn't end with one
is inserted at the front of a line, display screws up.
This operation produces alters the line, and moves it down leaving
a blank line in its place.  On the screen, however, the blank line is
not redisplayed and continues to show the old line.