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It would bite the bag a lot less if it didn't select random windows
while you're in the mini buffer.  It seems that whenever I try to use things
like Edit Callers and give it a function name from the mouse, if I slip and
hit the wrong button it gets into any number of spastic states, e.g. wanting to
see a function name but the main buffer is being typed into, suddenly gives me
a menu containing total gubbish plus a random assortment of names of functions
inside the editor (hit the right button while being asked for a function name
for Edit Callers), gets me into a recursive mini-buffer with no indication
of the fact, gets me into a state where going into the editor thinks the mini buffer
should be the selected window and buffer, and gets into states where it gets array
out of bounds because it is trying to use the mini buffer zwei interval as a zmacs

I think almost all of these symptoms are due to outness of phase between the subroutine
the Zmacs process is in (one that thinks it's hacking the mini buffer) and which
window is selected.

Also try hitting mouse buttons that trigger a call to barf while in the mini buffer,
this seems to screw up the window selection