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C-M-E puts you right after the closeparen of the function,
not on the next line.  C-M-H puts the mark at that same place.
When the cursor is at that place, C-M-H finds the next defun
instead of the one which you are at the end of.
(Actually, I can't reproduce it with C-M-E now, which seems
to be going to the right place, but C-M-H is still marking the wrong one.
But C-M-E is finding a list inside a comment and going to the line after
the end of that.  C-M-E should always work by finding the start of
the previous defun and then moving over it;  if that leaves point
earlier than it used to be, move down to the next start of defun and
move over it.
C-M-- C-M-E sometimes works, but if you go to the function UNDEFUN
in QMISC and do C-M-E, after that C-M-- C-M-E is a no-op.

The C-M-E problem I can't reproduce probably is reproduceable in
a particular spot which I can no longer find.