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0) Preparation:  I loaded WINDOW and accidentally said "WINDOW!" so
it seemed to be another file containing the same functions.
later I started ZWEI and said M-. on WINDOW-RESTORE-PARTIAL.
1) The first time, it asked me which file.  Why?
2) I said "LISPM2;WINDOW".  It read in the file,
sat thinking for a hell of a long time, and then said
it couldn't find that function.
3) I verified that it was there, and then said M-. on it again.
This time it did not ask me which file.  It just read in WINDOW!,
sat thinking for the same long time, and found it.

A) It takes so long that I greatly prefer EINE.
It's true that it is nice to be able to edit the whole thing
at once, but I think that should be done via an NLS-ish viewspec
together with the ability to have dummy sections that appear to
exist but are not read in until they are "looked at".
But EINE at least gave me the choice of slow whole file
(though not as slow as this) or limited sections.

B) In both ZWEI and EINE, I have often wanted to be able to
override the system's idea of which file to use.  I can't.

C) Even allowing for that, weren't these events strange?