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New issues to be mailed to X3J13

These versions have not been distributed before:

 - ADJUST-ARRAY-DISPLACEMENT (Version 4, 23-Nov-87)
   (Interaction of ADJUST-ARRAY and displaced arrays)

 - APPEND-DOTTED (Version 5, 14-Jan-88)
   (What happens to CDR of last CONS? in other
   than last arg?)

 - ASSOC-RASSOC-IF-KEY (Version 4, 23-Nov-87)
   (Extend ASSOC-IF, etc.  to allow :KEY)

 - COMPILER-WARNING-BREAK (Version 4,23-Nov-87 )
   (Does *BREAK-ON-WARNING* affect the compiler?)

 - DECLARE-MACROS (Version 3,  5-FEB-88)
   (Disallow macros expanding into declarations.)

 - DEFVAR-DOCUMENTATION (Version 2, 23-Nov-87)
   (Documentation string is not evaluated.)

 - DISASSEMBLE-SIDE-EFFECT (version 3, 21 Jan 88)
   (DISASSEMBLE doesn't smash the def if not compiled)

 - DO-SYMBOLS-DUPLICATES (Version 3, 23-Nov-87)
   ( DO-SYMBOLS can the same symbol twice?)

   (dribble can't be used programmatically)

 - FLET-DECLARATION (Version 2, 2 Feb 88)
   (Allow declarations in FLET, MACROLET)

 - FORMAT-COLON-UPARROW-SCOPE (Version 3, 5 Feb 88)
   (what iteration does ~:â?? exit from?)
   Common-Lisp mailing list discussion Nov 87

-  FUNCTION-TYPE-KEY-NAME (Version 3, 5 Feb 88)
  (allow &KEY (:KEYNAME type)) in FUNCTION decls )

   (allow &rest <type> in function types to refer to element

 - FUNCTION-TYPE (Version 9, 13-Feb-88)
   (Change definition of FUNCTIONP, function type ...)

 - PATHNAME-SYMBOL (Version 5, 5-Feb-88)
   (Do symbols automaticly coerce to pathnames?)

 - PUSH-EVALUATION-ORDER (Version 5,25-Nov-87)
   (What order does (PUSH (A) (CAR (B))) evaluate (A) and (B)?)

 - REDUCE-ARGUMENT-EXTRACTION (version 3, 13-Feb-88)
   (Add :KEY to REDUCE)

 - SETF-FUNCTION-VS-MACRO (Version 3, 4-Nov-87)
   (Allow (DEFUN (SETF FOO) ..))

   (let FIND, SUBSTITUTE etc work on multi-dimensional arrays)

 - SHADOW-ALREADY-PRESENT (Version 4, 10-Nov-87 23:59:43)
   (What does SHADOW do if symbol is already there?)

 - SHARPSIGN-PLUS-MINUS-PACKAGE (version 3, 14-Nov-87)
   ( *FEATURES* are in the keyword package)