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Common Lisp cleanup issue status to X3J13

Hmmmm, you did drop DEFINITION-FUNCTIONS off our list of "needs volunteers".
I still would like to take a crack at it if nobody else does.  By the bye,
that's a very a misleanding name for what's wanted -- the issue was that of 
adding some deletor type functions [e.g. DELETE-DEFSTRUCT, DELETE-PACKAGE, 
DELETE-TYPE etc.] for any function which adds to an implicit global data
base.   It might be extended more generally a la Interlisp's HASDEF facility 
but  . . .

This issue, along with a couple dozen others, are on my "back burner" list 
of things I'd like to see "cleaned up" [for Lucid's benefit, and for the
benefit of the community at large ] but haven't seen discussed so far on 
the list.  I'll bring a hardcopy of this list of semi-proposals to the 
X3J13 meeting, just in case there isn't enough to do!

-- JonL --