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    Date: Thu, 21 Jan 88 11:11:14 EST
    From: Dan L. Pierson <pierson@mist>

    References:    DISASSEMBLE (p. 439), COMPILE (p. 439)
    Category:      CLARIFICATION
    Edit history:  Version 2 by Pierson 12/30/87
		   Version 3 by Pierson  1/21/88
    Status:        Ready For Release?

Very close, but not quite. See below.

    Current practice:

    Allegro CL and Vax Lisp install the compiled definition.  Lucid,
    Symbolics, Xerox, and KCL don't install it.
    Date: 17 Feb 88 14:58:00 EDT
    From: "AITG::VANROGGEN" <vanroggen%aitg.decnet@hudson.dec.com>
    To: "cl-cleanup" <cl-cleanup@sail.stanford.edu>
    Subject: two minor comments: DISASSEMBLE-SIDE-EFFECT & DRIBBLE-TECHNIQUE
    ... The comment about what VAX LISP does for DISASSEMBLE-SIDE-EFFECT is
    incorrect; we don't modify the function cell of the symbol if the
    function is interpreted.  I think we changed the behavior when the
    mail about this issue first came up, which was several years ago. ...

This comment never made it into the current practice for some reason.
I'd like to see it there.

Other than that, I certainly DISASSEMBLE-SIDE-EFFECT:DO-NOT-INSTALL and think
it's ready to be seen by the full committee.