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Issue: TRACE-ERROR (Version 1)

It seems to me that this is beyond the scope of the cleanup committee
or even the standardization effort.  What you are describing is a bug
in a particular implementation of TRACE.  It is a bug because it
reduces the usability of TRACE, not because that version of TRACE does
not conform to some present or future Common Lisp standard.  Send a
bug report to your Lisp supplier.

P.S. As it happens, I think that supplier is Lucid!  I believe that
our TRACE implementation accepts the :WHEREIN keyword but does not
implement its functionality.  As it turns out, I think we can now
implement :WHEREIN easily, but everyone forgot about it!  Send in a
bug report and it will go on the queue of things to do.  (I could
submit a bug report myself, but customers get higher priority.)