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    Also, it should say that the USER package should have *no* symbols, right? I.e.,
    USER uses LISP, is empty, and LISP has no symbols. This gives you a way of
    writing portable code that you know is portable..... (well, insofar as other
    symbols are defined.)
If you're saying what I think you're saying, I am opposed to this.  Back
when we all agreed that LISP should export only the symbols mentioned in
CLtL (or the standard that replaces it), I thought that we also agreed that
USER was the place where an implementation was allowed to provide its
default environment.  This means CLtL symbols plus whatever other stuff an
implementation wants to define as extensions: debugging functions, graphics
stuff, or whatever.

If someone wants a completely empty package that uses only Lisp, they
should create one.  That's easy and portable.

-- Scott