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    I think this could be specified in a portable way.  Suppose we say that
    the second argument of REQUIRE is a string or list of strings.  Each
    string must begin with a letter and contain only letters and digits.  Then
    if the indicated module is not present, REQUIRE calls the loader, using
    each string as the name field of a pathname, defaulting the version to
    :NEWEST and the rest of the pathname components to be the same as the file
    in which the REQUIRE form was found, truncating the name if necessary to
    make it legal.  In other words, it loads additional files from the same
    directory.  I think this would work on all five of the file systems that I
    use.  Would it be useful enough to be worthwhile?
This works iff you believe that all of the files are in the same
directory.  I find that highly unlikely for any large system and would
oppose this as it seems like an attempt to standardize an at best
old-fashioned way to organize source files.