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Re: Issue GC-MESSAGES (Version 2)

I sent a note to cl-editorial. I had a proposal for "unsolicited messages"
which is handles only those things like auto-load heralds and GC messages.
I think that LOAD and COMPILE progress notices are "solicited", at least by

Maybe this just subsumes GC-MESSAGES or should be handled under this name?

Problem: Is it legal for an implementation to produce unsolicited output,
e.g., GC notifications, autoload heralds, and progress messages from


Unsolicited messages, such as GC notifications and autoload heralds, if
they are produced by an implementation, should not be directed to
*standard-output*, *error-output*. If an implementation produces them, they
may be produced on a stream that is not "shared" with any of the streams
that a user might redefine or redirect. (This really means that it is OK to
direct such notifications to *terminal-io* since a user may not redirect

Messages such as progress reports from LOAD and COMPILE are "solicited",
and are not covered by this issue. See issue COMPILE-AND-LOAD-VERBOSE.