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Issue status

>   > >Synopsis: Add new functions
>   > >Version 5, 10-Feb-89 
>   > >Status: Passed (as amended) Jan 89 X3J13
>   > I know this is picky, but I thought it was decided to fail this one
>   > completely and amend TEST-NOT-IF-NOT (I believe that was the related
>   > issue).
>   -- you may be right. I wish we had minutes. I guess I'll stick by my
>   summary unless I hear otherwise.
>My notes show that the COMPLEMENT function was accepted and
>all other parts of the proposal failed.

Yes but COMPLEMENT was an amendment to TEST-NOT-IF-NOT. This was how Walter
and I both recorded it. Anyway, it seems to be clear what happened even
if the status of the issues isn't.