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    The case of all characters in the names of standard
    functions, symbols, and packages is lower.

You're proposing a huge incompatible change that is bound to
get you into a religious war that can't do anyone any good.
I claim that this proposal addresses the internal representation
of programs but all you care about is the external representation.
I also claim that the choice of case in internal representation
is arbitrary and need not prejudice the external representation
at all.

If you believe what I just said, you would propose that the reader get
an option to flip case instead of up-casing when converting from
external representation to internal representation, and would propose
another value for *print-case* that does the inverse transformation.
This would be compatible with everybody, would make everybody happy
except for those who might insist that one internal representation
is better than the other, and hopefully would avoid spending a lot
of time on discussion.  What do you think?