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My notes show the following...

 We voted in order SMALL, MEDIUM, then LARGE.
 Each time, the attempt was to replace the previous.
 Option SMALL passed 15-2.
 Option MEDIUM passed 9-6, superseding SMALL.
 Option LARGE passed 13-2-3, superseding MEDIUM.
 The minutes probably just reflect LARGE having been passed.
 Moon then moved that we reconsider parts of LARGE -- parts 4,7,8,9.
 We agreed to reconsider.
 Sandra moved to retract 4,7,8,9.
  RPG amended the proposal to affect GENERIC-FLET and GENERIC-LABELS, too,
  for consistency.
  RPG's amendment to Sandra's motion passed.
 We voted on each part of Sandra's motion separately:
  Strike 4? No.  (Failed 3-15)
  Strike 7? Yes. (Passed 16-1)
  Strike 8? Yes. (Passed 16-0)
  Strike 9? Yes  (Passed 17-0-1)
   There was some question about 9's relation to SYNTACTIC-ENVIRONMENT-ACCESS.
 The net effect is that option LARGE passed with amendments to strike 7,8,9.