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My notes say...

 KMP made a friendly amendment to clarify the status of undeclared
 free variables (as undefined). The text of the amendment was:
   Proposed amendment to PROCLAIM-LEXICAL    KMP 3/30/89

   Add:   Referencing a free variable that is neither proclaimed
	  nor declared LEXICAL nor SPECIAL has undefined


    This enables existing implementations to persist in permitting,
    for example,

	(SETQ X 3)

    without defining X as lexical or special, yet allows those
    implementations that want to warn about

	(DEFUN F (X) (+ X Y))

    when Y is undeclared/proclaimed to legitimately do so.

 GZ wanted an amendment that would make it an error to use the LEXICAL
 declaration when there was not a lexically visible binding to which
 it might refer.  Her amendment failed 5-12.
 The proposal (with friendly amendment by KMP but without GZ's 
 amendment) finally failed 6-11.