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Issue: STREAM-CAPABILITIES (version 3), or Issue: MAP-INTO (version 1)

    Date: Wed, 24 May 89 08:09:16 PDT
    From: Jon L White <jonl@lucid.com>
    To: Moon@STONY-BROOK.SCRC.Symbolics.COM
    Cc: CL-Cleanup@sail.stanford.edu
    In-Reply-To: David A. Moon's message of Tue, 23 May 89 14:46 EDT 
    Subject: Issue: STREAM-CAPABILITIES (version 3)

    Looks simple enough.  The evidence would be compelling if the guys
    who argued so long about fixing the sequence functions to have 
    "re-usable" versions would lend their support as to the utility
    of this thing.

    -- JonL --

This is really a reply to Moon's MAP-INTO proposal in disguise, right?