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Re: Objects in quoted constants

> Uh, that is still one form, the PROGN form.  There is no state saved
> between one call to PRINT and another (as would be necessary to do
> #= type printing in a compile-file situation.)

I don't want to beat this issue to death, but KCL's COMPILE-FILE
happens to print all the data using PRINT, and I think it uses
one call to PRINT.  True, there are some problems...

I think it be a shame if source->source processors for CL couldn't
be written (in CL) using READ and PRINT.  It may be that READ and
PRINT will never be fully capable because of the scope issue, but
I still think that READ and PRINT should be able to handle as much
detail about data structures as other methods can.

I wanted to write a preprocessor a while ago.  What I ended up
doing was to copy the Lisp source as text but with "(PREPROCESS"
[not the actual name] as an extra line at the front and ")" as an
extra line at the end.  I would have preferred a different

-- Jeff