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Eval-When -- a radical view

re: There is one subtlety that I think should be addressed, and that is:
    what should implementations that always and only compile do?  . . . 

So maybe the top-level processor that is masquarading as "top-level EVAL"
should call a private entry into the compiler that doesn't rebind
*EVAL-WHEN-STATE*?  I already had to presume such an entry to the
interpreter in the trial-balloon defmacro for EVAL-WHEN.

Even in the most minimal of implementations, I presume that LOAD differs
 from COMPILE-FILE in that LOAD will successively "execute" each form 
before even reading the next one.  And COMPILE-FILE is called primarily
for the side-effect of creating a "binary" file.   So it still makes sense 
to me to have separate "situation" markers for :EVALUATING and :COMPILING,
even though serious portability questions arise about some combinations
of "situations".

-- JonL --