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subcommittee meeting(s)

  Time to schedule the compiler-cleanup subcommittee for June X3J13.
Last time in Palo Alto we actually made some progress.  Now we need to
continue towards real written proposals.  Be there or be interpreted!
  Scheduling is tricky, as ever, paarticular acommodating travel for
out-of-towners.  Several of us are involved with the Definition Specs
meeting 3:00-5:30 Tuesday.  We probably need a fair amount of time to
work through details -- a single 2-3 hour meeting probably wouldn't be
enough.  So either we schedule a single long meeting, or two shorter
  I would be very happy with a Tuesday evening meeting and a Thursday
evening or Friday morning meeting.  This might be convenient for
out-of-towners.  (I *think* I would be able to find a meeting place,
assuming Symbolics might not be available outside office hours.)  The
alternative would be to start early Tuesday, but this would require an
extra night for West Coast people.
  If you have particular travel and/or time restrictions, please
respond asap so I can work out the details.  If I *don't* hear, I'll
just make an arbitrary decision.