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subcommittee meeting(s)

   From: fridge!ucbarpa!cs.utah.edu!sandra (Sandra J Loosemore)

   On the assumption that we will be meeting on Tuesday evening and on
   Friday, I've arranged to arrive late Tuesday afternoon.  (I will actually
   be staying until Sunday morning with the idea of spending all day Saturday
   visiting the local bookstores....)

Hereby announced.  Meetings will be Tuesday evening and Friday
morning, unless someone makes a compelling counterproposal.  I'll
further suggest that those of us who can should start Tuesday over
dinner at one of the many fine but reasonably-priced eating
establishments in Cambridge.  It would be useful to know when people
become available so we can pick exact times, but there's no urgency.

It's been overheard from the Character Subcommittee that evening
meetings at Symbolics are impossible because of security.  Therefore
I've arrange with Greenblatt to use a conference room at Gigamos.
Gigamos easy to get to -- it is within long walking distance of
Symbolics, and just steps from the Central Square subway stop.  I'll
post directions etc. later.

P.S.: Right now someone is working on franz's mailer, and it sometimes
generates bogus return addresses.  No problem -- I'll still receive
anything cc'd to cl-compiler@sail.