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> Date: Fri, 20 May 88 14:59:13 EDT
> From: Rob.MacLachlan@WB1.CS.CMU.EDU
> This is a reasonable approach to making EVAL-WHEN well defined, but there
> seems to be a problem when the COMPILE situation is specified without the
> EVAL situation.  In this form, I believe (FOO) would never be evaluated in
> any context, which is definitely an incompatible change:
>     (eval-when (compile)
>       (eval-when (compile)
> 	  (foo)))

Yes, you are correct that under the current proposal, (foo) would never
be evaluated.  I do not think it is "definitely" an incompatible change,
however.  The current wording in CLtL seems to leave this behavior
unspecified and I don't know what the original intention was.