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Re: issue QUOTE-MAY-COPY, version 2

> re: I claim that the apparent copying "isn't QUOTE's fault", and that
>     it happens regardless of the semantics of quote.
> Interesting "gedanken" experiment.  In upshot, however, it seems that
> you are _supporting_ the semantics of "QUOTE may copy", right?  Because,
> as you say, there are situations wherein one can't avoid it regardless 
> of how one implements quote

I'm inclined to agee with Chris's analysis.  I also thought something
similar might be done for coalescing, since it's READ or LAOD that
constructs the objects.

I think the point of this approach is to make the copying part of
file compilation so that it doesn't backup into the semantics of QUOTE
in interpreted and COMPILE'd code.  I'm not entirely sure that the
trick works.