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Re: quoted constants

Could you talk to the IBM representatives to X3J13 about this
concern of yours and designate someone from IBM who will be
in charge of the issue of Common Lisp quoted constants for IBM?

This person must be prepared to take time to understand the different
issues and something of what practice in the area has been.

If at all possible, the same person should also be able to attend
the in-person compiler committee meetings that occur as part of X3J13.
I see that Thom Linden is registered for the Hawaii meetings.  Perhaps
it is just saying the obvious to suggest that you talk to Mark
Wegman about this also.

This is a pretty hard issue, and it has a whole collection of parts
that each have some degree of controversy attached, and that is why
it would be best if someone from IBM can really be the "point person"
on this entire issue and understand it as well as possible.

Designate a person and I will try to make sure I cc that person
on mail I send on the subject, including proposals, and I assume
that others will do likewise.  It's just
too hard to discuss subtopics individually with people who
inquire about part of the issue.