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issue CONSTANT-COLLAPSING, version 5

The proposal says:

  State the an implementation is permitted to coalesce constants
  appearing in code to be compiled if they are equivalent under the
  relationship defined in proposal CONSTANT-COMPILABLE-TYPES:SPECIFY.

I can't understand what this means.  The referenced proposal uses
the word "similar", not "equivalent".  I'd support this alternate

  Suppose that A and B are two objects used as quoted constants in the
  input to COMPILE-FILE, and that A' and B' are the corresponding
  objects used as constants in the result of loading the output of
  that COMPILE-FILE.  If A' is similar as a constant to both A and B,
  then it is valid for A' and B' to be EQL even if A and B are not EQL.

This may still be too vague, since "objects in the input to
COMPILE-FILE" means not in the input text file, which doesn't contain
objects, but in the result of applying READ to the input file, and since
"corresponding objects" is not defined.