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status report

It seems like the mail on #, has died down, so I'm planning to start
working on a proposal on this issue over the weekend.  Actually, I'm
thinking of sketching out two or three alternate proposals and then
taking a poll on which one to pursue further.

On a personal note, I have resigned from my job at Evans & Sutherland
and am returning to being a full-time student at the UofU.  My departure
 from E&S is happening a bit faster than I had planned; the other day a
water main broke and flooded the building I worked in -- there was 4
inches of muddy water in my office and over a foot in my lab in the
basement, totally trashing all the computer equipment down there.
Anyway, my e-mail address remains the same (sandra@cs.utah.edu) and I do
plan to continue participating in X3J13.