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issue SHARP-COMMA-CONFUSION, version 1

re: In Cost To Users, the DEFPARAMETER technique described has been 
    demonstrated to be unacceptable for the general problem. 

Although it's probably moot,  I strongly object to wording like this,
especially "demonstrated".  Such an unproven allegation not only hinders 
a clear assessment of the problem at hand ("Cost to Users"), but muddies 
the thinking for other issues.  Suffice it to say that nearly everyone 
who favors flushing #, does so on the assumption that some version of 
LOAD-TIME-EVAL will be passed; so the two issues are tightly linked.

A performance allegation on this point was made some time ago in the mails,
but **no** facts or figures  were ever adduced.  This kind of statement is 
not purely philosophical -- one that only needs "clever" arugmentation -- 
it needs facts.

The continual repetition of the allegation does nothing whatsoever to
verify it.

-- JonL --