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October meeting

Since the October X3J13 meeting is now less than 6 weeks away (the
week of October 10), it is time for us to start making plans.

I would like to plan on having a subcommittee meeting on Monday,
preferably in the afternoon.  I think the major constraint we have is
that it shouldn't conflict with the cleanup committee's meeting,
whenever that's going to be.

I think we are ready to call for a vote on the three issues that were
distributed last time, plus issue COMPILE-ARGUMENT-PROBLEMS.  I'm also
sending around a proposal for issue COMPILE-FILE-PACKAGE, which I hope
is noncontroversial enough that we could try to vote on it as well.
If you have anything you want incorporated into these proposals,
please let me know ASAP, since the proposals are supposed to be in the
hands of the full committee at least two weeks before voting on them.

There are also two other issues for which I would like to get draft
proposals distributed, namely LOAD-TIME-EVAL (which I'm working on),

On issue LOAD-TIME-EVAL, it seemed like of the people who responded,
most expressed a vague approval for the idea of introducing a new
special form (except for Moon, who has strong objections).  However,
there are some specific problems with the current proposal and my last
ramblings on it produced no response at all from the rest of you.  I
really need some help with this, folks!  I have no feeling whatsoever
about what the consensus is -- whether Moon's objections are shared by
others, whether I should just proceed to make some arbitrary decisions
to fix the problems in the existing proposal, or what.  Please try to
spend a few minutes on this issue....