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>  it won't do anything to solve the stated problem, namely how to
>  suppress useless style warning messages.

In the original message I sent which (I think) spurred Pierson's
proposal, I had in mind a related class of messages generated by users
(not the compiler per se), which should be captured by the same
mechanism, e.g.:

;;; NOTE: Compiling file foo.lisp (234 out of 567) at 12:54 30-Dec-88

;;; NOTE: This uses the NEW (11-Nov-88) version of magic-macro.

I envisoned a form like NOTE, analogous to WARN, but the real goals
were just (1) to be able to suppress all such messages without
suppressing any significant warning messages and (2) to be able to
break on such messages, analogous to *break-on-warnings*, since they
often represent good debugging points in the main flow of control.

A user can always craft their own such mechanism, but if they can
piggy-back on an existing mechanism their world is just a bit simpler.
This requires some sort of user-accessible function, condition, etc.,
which Pierson's proposal would provide.