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    Date: Fri, 9 Sep 88  17:11:50 CDT
    From: David N Gray <Gray@DSG.csc.ti.com>

    ... After being forced to think about this more deeply and re-reading the
    proposal, I am now more favorably inclined towards the proposal

Well, I'm glad I'm finally taking the time to write down some of my
thoughts on this instead of quietly fuming every time I see mail on
this that disagrees with what I'm thinking. And I very much appreciate
your taking the time to do all this extra study. 

    The only serious objection I have left is that the name LOAD-TIME-CONSTANT
    ought to be changed since the word "constant" seems misleading.   Maybe
    something like EVAL-AT-LOAD-TIME ?

My problem with anything that has "EVAL" in it is that it gets involved in
problems of quoting. I think people would expect EVAL-AT-LOAD-TIME to do 
`double evaluation' that EVAL is always accused of doing (once at argument
evaluation time, once in the function itself).

I also would prefer a name that was passive rather than active for similar
reasons and for reasons of personal stylistic preference.

How would LOAD-TIME-VALUE strike you?

An interesting issue that I don't remember if I addressed was whether 
multiple values could fall through. If you believed in such things, you
might like LOAD-TIME-VALUES.

The reason that I mention this is that maybe we should take the hint from
the people who've referred to own variables and call the form OWN-VALUE
(or OWN-VALUES). [I thought for a while about an OWN declaration on a
variable, but since the tradition in Lisp is to base things around the
objects and not the homes, it seemed to make more sense to allow anonymous
`own quantities' so I ruled out OWN declarations in favor of such a form.]

Then we could write:


Compilers would naturally do something somewhat smart with the following,
and could easily be made a lot smarter with a little work:


eg, some compilers could just rewrite this internally as

	 #'(LAMBDA (X)
	     (AREF *FORTRAN-MEMORY* (+ TEMP-0001 X)))))

I could even imagine some fan of own variables coming up with:


Thinking about this made me wonder if


should work, which is why I wondered if it shouldn't be OWN-VALUES.

Buy any of this?

[If not, do you at least buy my arguments for not using your proposed
name and preferring something that (a) doesn't have EVAL and (b) is
passive in structure?]