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Re: issue CONSTANT-COLLAPSING, version 3

> Cost to users:
> It is hard to imagine a program that would break under this proposal.
> The EQL-ness or uniqueness of composite structures in compiled code
> cannot be guaranteed in any event, since the combination of
> COMPILE-FILE and LOAD generally results in a copy of the original
> structure.

Elsewhere, you seem to think EQL-ness within a given COMPILE-FILE
can be preserved:

    From: sandra <(Sandra J Loosemore)sandra%defun@edu.utah.cs>
    Date: Sat, 31 Dec 88 14:59:59 MST
    Subject: Re: issue QUOTE-MAY-COPY, version 2

    Rather than making an exception for gensyms, I'm inclined to believe
    that *all* sharing of structures within an expression passed to EVAL,
    a function passed to COMPILE, or the entire contents of a file
    compiled with COMPILE-FILE ought to be preserved.

-- Jeff