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Actually, I think this is bogus. The simple portable way to handle #, is to
have the compiler use a a readtable which has ' defined as a readmacro like
` but which looks for #, instead of , and then wraps LOAD-TIME-EVAL around
the #,'d forms.

e.g., if 

`(a b ,c) reads as (internal:backquote (a b (internal:comma c)))


'(a b #,c) reads as (internal:load-time-quote (a b (internal:load-time-eval

only in the compiler's read macro.

Normally, #, has the same read behavior as #. so program-analyzing programs
wont even see it.

I wouldn't mind getting rid of #., #, and #+ and #-, since they *all* have
the problem that program analyzing programs don't see them. However, I see
little point of removing one without getting rid of the rest of 'em, too.