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[James Rice <Rice@SUMEX-AIM.Stanford.EDU>: Re: Compiler-Let]

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I just thought I'd mention the only time that I've ever been
inclined to use Compiler-Let (I hate it), which was so as to
be able to get compile time evaluation of code during the
inlining of a subst.  For example:

(Defsubst dbg ()
 ;;; Make dbg like it is on Symbolics.
  (compiler-let ((*dummy-I-don't-really-use-this*
		    (compiler:warn .....)))
	(cerror "Proceed from breakpoint" "Debugger breakpoint")))

Horrible isn't it?
Anyway, I con't help thinking that some sort of mechanism for
the compile-time evaluation of code which is being substed/inlined
is a good idea.  Maybe the cleanups for Eval-When will give us
non-top-level evaluation.  I haven't been tracking that issue.

Hope this was of some use,


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