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I have been trying to implement this proposal and I've run into a
problem with the VARIABLE-INFORMATION function.  As you'll recall, the
first value is supposed to indicate the type of definition or binding
and the second is supposed to indicate whether there is a local
binding.  The question is whether the second value applies only to the
kind of binding specified by the first value, or to any binding. 

For example, suppose I have the following code fragment:

(let ((x 'foo))
  (locally (declare (special x))

Clearly, in the environment inside the LOCALLY, the first value
returned for variable X should be :SPECIAL.  However, should the
second value be true or false?  There is a local binding of X, but
it's a lexical binding rather than a special binding.

Also, am I correct in assuming that any type declarations attached to
the lexical binding of X should not be visible inside the LOCALLY?