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Re: Issue: COMPILER-DIAGNOSTICS (Version 11)

> (4) Specify that COMPILE-FILE returns two values.  The first value
>     is the truename of the output file, or NIL if the file could not be
>     created.  The second value is T if the file was compiled without
>     errors, or NIL if errors were signalled during compilation.   
Fine.  But in that case, the example...
>     (defun compile-file (input-file &key output-file)
> 	(values *output-file-truename*
>      		errors-detected)))

should be (values *output-file-truename* no-errors-detected-p), n'est-ce pas?

> On the TI Explorer, ...
> file is returned as the first value.  A second value indicates whether
> any errors or warnings were reported.
Which way does TI do it?  Is it T for no errors, or NIL for no errors?