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    I write something in one implementation and it works fine, but then move to
    another and though it still works fine, it's unpleasant to compile because
    I can't see the -real- warnings the compiler might have issued through
    all the gratuitous ones. This was a serious problem when I was doing
    Macsyma ports a while back.
I agree, in all languages I've programmed in there are many warnings
which almost always point to a real bug.  Compilers that insist on
emitting a large mass of irrelevant warnings either obscure the
important warnings or, worse yet, lead people to compiling with
warnings disabled (and _that_ leads to really expensive later

As the original inciter of this topic, I will be very disappointed if
my original desire to have DEFUN, DEFVAR, etc. explicitly allowed
inside of LET is rejected because it was made part of a more
elaborate (and I think better overall) proposal that was shot down.