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> I think the issue is: Is it legal to attempt to lexically rebind a variable
> that has been defined with DEFCONSTANT, as might be implied by the wording
> on p. 69,  and the Proposal is No, it is not, and the Current Practice is
> "Most implementations don't allow this."

I think you have identified the true problem (that is: where it is
most possible to notice the difference).  There may also be some minor
issues, such as whether SYMBOL-VALUE or SPECIAL-P (assuming there is
one) likes constants.  Right now the definition of SYMBOL-VALUE
explicitly allows constants but explains that this is because
constants are variables that can't be changed.  It may be useful to
clarify whether constants are actually special variables or some other
kind of global named value.  If we pass PROCLAIM-LEXICAL, some other
kinds might actually exist.