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We're listed on the agenda for right after lunch on Monday afternoon.
At this point I am envisioning that the time we have allocated will be
spent in discussion of the issues that have been distributed.
Obviously, we won't be able to get into really detailed debates, since
we have many issues and little time, but I hope to at least be able to
clear up questions about the purpose and intent of the the various

I am getting a little discouraged in that a number of issues we have
had under discussion for some time seem to be getting no closer to
being "done".  I understand from the schedule Kathy Chapman has sent
around that she would like to have pending issues cleared up no later
than the March meeting.  Can we meet this deadline?  I think it's
important that let everybody else know about how much we plan to have
done by then. 

Does anybody think we need to have a subcommittee meeting?  There is
not any time actually set aside for this on the agenda, but perhaps we
could set up something informal Sunday evening or during one of the
breaks later on in the week.  (I'm going to be arriving Saturday
evening myself.)