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re: Yes, just last week I too found MACROLET very useful at top level, for
    creating a number of related top-level forms, and using a macro to
    factor out repeated structure among the forms.  Here's an example:

	    (macrolet ((def-forwarded-to-head (acsor head-acsor)
			  `(defun ,acsor (x) (,head-acsor (person-head x)))))
	      (def-forwarded-to-head person-nose head-nose)
	      (def-forwarded-to-head person-mouse head-mouse)
	      (def-forwarded-to-head person-eye-1 head-eye-1)

This works in Lucid Common Lisp, even though MACROLET doesn't "pass
toplevel thru", because Lucid already allows defining macros at non
toplevel positions [however, there is some debugging information lost
in such cases -- I hope this bug is fixed in the next release].

-- JonL --