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Suppose you want to tell the compiler that your code is to be
compiled with variable FOO special, but you don't want to make
FOO special in the compiler's environment?  How do you do it
under your EVAL-WHEN model using PROCLAIM?

I can't really illustrate the perceived problem with defining SETF
methods to the compiler, but it seems to me that if the issues
pertaining to the treatment of PROCLAIM and the package functions
at top level haven't been ironed out yet, it may be a bit premature
to change EVAL-WHEN so drastically.  Presumably there's some
combination of proposals that will make everything work, but I'm
undoubtedly too muddle-headed at this time to figure it out.
Still, I'd sure like to see what it will be so that I can adjust
my implementation accordingly (since I haven't implemented most
of the "magic-to-the-compiler" things, I have a clean slate that
can be filled up the right way).