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I would like to see some mention in this proposal of what users are
supposed to do if the constant value truly cannot be computed at
compile time and you do want nasty things to happen if the user
rebinds or SETQs the variable.  (For example, perhaps the constant
holds some value that is specific to the particular machine the Lisp
is running on, such as the amount of physical memory.)

Using #, is one possibility, but the idea really makes me retch,
particularly given the current discord on that issue.  We have not yet
entirely ruled out getting rid of #, entirely. 

If you want to suggest using DEFPARAMETER for that purpose, perhaps you
should extend the proposal to clarify or extend the definition of
DEFPARAMETER's semantics as well.  My reading of CLtL's description
of DEFPARAMETER doesn't leave me with the impression that that's what
it's supposed to be for.