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Re: Issue: WITH-COMPILATION-UNIT (Version 1)

>     Date: Thu, 29 Sep 88 19:28:25 MDT
>     From: sandra%defun@cs.utah.edu (Sandra J Loosemore)
>     This issue strikes me as a special case of "block compilation" across
>     multiple files.
> This issue has nothing to do with block-compilation, although we could
> extend the syntax to permit an options list before the body so that 
> implementations could provide options like that if they wanted.

There seem to be a number of issues regarding compilation units.
There is this proposal and the one to limit the scope of
proclamations.  There may be some interest in providing a license
for block compilation (well, there's INLINE, but (among other things)
it's not refelected in the interpreter semantics).

Can we tie these together somehow rather than have a number of
separate proposals, each using different mechanisms?

BTW, INCLUDE (as in "insert this file here") could be used to make
a file compilation treat several files as a unit.

-- Jeff