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Re: Issue: WITH-COMPILATION-UNIT (Version 1)

> This issue strikes me as a special case of "block compilation" across
> multiple files.  As an alternative to introducing a new construct,
> couldn't we just extend COMPILE-FILE to take a list of files (instead
> of a single pathname) as an argument?

This seems like a logical basic idea to me.  Why don't we just
extend compile-file to accept a stream argument as an alternative
to the file name argument.  On the immediate issue, this could be
used along with make-concatenated-stream  to compile multiple

Permitting a stream in place of the filename would also make it possible
to compile *to* a file without compiling *from* a file, a capability
that I and others I know would certainly use, and something not
possible now.

Note that compile-file already accepts an :output-file argument, which
I propose would be required except when an implementation can determine
the name of the input filename/stream.