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re: It treats #, more like , than like #.   and gives a consistent
    interpretation of it.

Right.  So now it is
   (1) useless for those who thought they know how to use the former,
       inherently broken definition of #, and
   (2) redundant with the new special form LOAD-TIME-EVAL.

I agree with Kent and Sandra that fixing up #, like this -- which will 
inevitably lead to these two undesirable results -- is the worst of all 
the possible things we could do.  

Having looked ahead in the mails  - - I see there will be some
"quibbling" as to how to acknowledge that vendors will continue to
supply some of the deleted or deprecated features of Common Lisp 1984.
I think this will be a very serious issue sooon, so maybe we should
start a discussion under a new Subject heading?

-- JonL --