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Re: Issue: LOAD-TIME-EVAL (Version 8)

>    What I was envisioning as a solution to Moon's
> objections is that if you had several references to the same (EQ)
> LOAD-TIME-VALUE expression within a single call to EVAL, COMPILE, or
> COMPILE-FILE, it would be OK to evaluate it only once, but that each call
> to EVAL, COMPILE, or COMPILE-FILE would have to start out with a fresh
> "cache". 

But "within a single call to EVAL" would have to mean lexically within the
form being evaluated (you don't want to re-do LOAD-TIME-VALUEs within
evaluated functions called by the current form), so interpreted functions
would need to be thought of as closures over the cache.  But you wouldn't
want that overhead on every interpreted function, so we're right back to
having the evaluator need to do a pre-pass on functions.